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Tremors 4 news a-go-go!

Everybody still alive? I just thought I'd let you know that the fourth Tremors film, the prequel, is going to out on DVD this December and has taken up the title Tremors: Original Showdown. You can now check out the movie's new official site, too! A recent review from an early screening was posted at Creature Corner and the reviewer said that he didn't like 2 and 3 (for shame!) but he felt this was the best in the series since the original and was quite good.

Plot summary: The basic plot is that the small town of "Rejection," Nevada (before it was renamed) suffers a tremendous loss when 17 men are killed in the mines. Nearly everyone ditches town except for a handful of colorful locals, who include the Indian Big Horse Johnson, the deadly gunslinger Black Hand Kelly, and the drunken saloon owner Fu Yien Chang (relative of Walter and Jodi), who have to band together for survival with the rich, spoiled mine owner Hiram Gummer (Michael Gross), who comes into town to see why his mine has been shut down.

Also? We will see baby graboids. Awwww. Cool.

It's all graboids this time around... no shriekers or ass-blasters in this one. And no CGI either.

I have to admit... that sounds very clever. Awesome.
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