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Three down, four to go

Sad to think that in four weeks' time, Tremors: The Series will most likely be over forever. As for the last three weeks, however...

"A Little Paranoia Among Friends" - Hilarious in every regard. Armin Shimmerman is always a joy to watch, and seeing him here, and watching Burt flip out as he's accused of being a government spy... this whole thing was great. What made it even better was the amount of heart in it, the discussions involving Heather and how Burt can relate to the Shimmerman character because he has to come to that moment when he realizes his wife will not return. Beautiful entry.

"Project 4-12" - Easily the best of the Christopher Lloyd episodes for me, it was great to see Cletus get some character development. The scene with El Blanco came out of nowhere, and Burt with a flamethrower? Completely rocked. The story was great, the monster was great, the fact that we spent so much time on getting to know the characters better was great, Burt's reactions to Cletus' tales of the underground lab and the government conspiracy (and especially the moment when he realizes it's all true) were great... all told, great episode.

"Graboid Rights" - A really strong mystery piece that's overshadowed by the new actress and characterization of Mindy. The actress is fine, but the new Mindy is, well, let's face it, she's a bitch. She treats Nancy like total crap and is causing a media scandal to dominate the town in which she once lived. No, she's not responsible for the destruction of Burt's property or anything, but the things that she is still partly responsible for are damn bad enough. Very, very disappointed that they took this character turn with Mindy, but at least Burt and Nancy had some great scenes together, really showing their interpersonal conflict beautifully once more. Also, it was very nice to finally stop seeing Tyler dominate so much of the story on the show every week.

Just thought I'd stop by and offer some thoughts.
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