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Tremors 4 bits

Stampede Entertainment's latest newsletter says that Universal has delayed the release of Tremors 4 on DVD and VHS until this December. In addition, they announced that, due to fan desires, there will not be any CGI graboids in this one. People were less than impressed with the CGI El Blanco in Tremors 3.

Also, a recent interview with a cast member from the movie is now online here. It's just a small part, but he does reveal that the movie includes a scene where some miners are killed when a cave-in is caused by rampaging graboids.
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thanks so much for the info. YAY! NO CGI!! Party!
ANyway thanks for the link!! :o)

Deleted comment

I don't think I am going to like the Hulk CGI...
Well, I'm really damn impressed with the Hulk CGI so far, so... hopefully that's an exception. Like Gollum.